UnderWater World Sea Life aquarium – one of the leading visitor attractions on Queensland’s idyllic Sunshine Coast! Now with four incredible new zones.


Sharks Alive
A moving walkway in a 80-metre (260 ft) shark tunnel under the 2,500,000-litre (660,000 US gal) oceanarium takes visitors past several viewing windows, with fish swimming all around the walkway. The exhibit includes three separate habitats: coral reef, cave and open ocean. Its residents include rays, moray eels, grey nurse sharks, sandbar whalers, whitetip reef sharks, and zebra sharks.

Seal Island
There are about seven seals at UnderWater World, one New Zealand fur seal, two Australian fur seals and four Australian sea lions which make up part of the Seal Island Exhibit.

Crawly Creatures
This exhibit is an interactive journey from land to deep sea. It features the world’s largest marine, land and migratory crab species. Species of crabs in the exhibit include giant Japanese spider crabs, robber crabs (also known as coconut crabs) and Christmas Island red and blue crabs.

Other exhibits
UnderWater World is also home to a fresh water Crocodile.

Shows & Talks

UnderWater World presents seal shows and wildlife information talks, and has hands-on marine displays. Shows at the park include:

  • Seal Shows in the Seal Cove
  • Otter Shows
  • Stingray Reef talks
  • Shark guided tours

Information sourced Wikipedia, 2017